Logistics AIR – web (Flash) and Adobe Air based application

The main application for warehousing and all internal company processes. Used by employees and partners of the company.

01. Module Nomenclatures

  • Tariffs – possibility for easy and interactive entering of prices of services. Dynamic fees and commissions.
  • Clients – entering clients, addresses of clients, contracts, rules for issuing invoices, notification data.
  • Offices and schedule – list of offices, representative offices and virtual offices, schedule for visits
  • Employees – list and administering groups of employees, creating group and granting group or individual rights
  • Earnings couriers – an opportunity for easy and interactive entry of courier earnings. Flexibility at the level of service, weight and sequence
  • Earnings of warehouse employees – an opportunity for easy and interactive entry of warehouse earnings. Flexibility at the level of operation and weight

02. Dispatch module

  • Map of courier areas – module for enrollment of couriers to service areas. Preparation of routes.
  • Order schedule – a pre-set schedule on a weekly basis for regular customer service
  • Orders – possibility for automatic distribution according to the map, filtering by offices and different types

03. Operational module

  • Bill of lading – main screen. Bill of lading visualization, filtering, modification, mass and single printing
  • Waybills referencescreen for references and any data on the shipment – logistical and financial
  • Search by phonevisualizing all bills of lading for a certain period with specified phone

04. Warehouse module

  • Acceptance of shipments – acceptance of new shipments, measurement, re-labeling, subcontracting, volume weight
  • Receipt of unsuccessful delivery – screen for reception of unsuccessful delivery by courier
  • Distribution of shipments by city or country– automatic distribution at the level of country or city
  • Distribution of shipments for courier delivery – automatically for courier
  • Manual distribution for delivery or on the road
  • Reporting of return documents and receipts
  • Financial reporting of couriers – reporting of amounts for COD, Postal Money Transfer and Courier service
  • Available shipments in stock
  • Return and redirection of shipments
  • Deferred delivery – possibility for enrollment in distribution and distribution for tomorrow before the end of the current working day
  • Pick and place functionality – a hardware solution for fast distribution of small shipments

05. Cash on delivery and postal money orders

  • Payment of single and combined CODs
  • Mass Payment + mass payment generation in SWIFT format MT103
  • Expense orders
  • List of POS payments

06. Invoices

  • Issuance of single and mass invoices
  • Invoice reports – general reports, reports on unpaid invoices
  • Recalculation

07. Others

  • Packaging – the ability to receive and monitor packaging. Discharging (selling to customers) and attaching them to shipments.
  • Wrong address module – address normalization platform.
  • Currencies for cash on delivery – module for shipments in different currencies, introduction of exchange rates, conversion
  • Module for working with return documents
  • My.Logisticsair.bg platform for employees – a platform for tracking earnings from couriers and warehouse employees. Possibility to entry of other financial bonuses and fines
  • Notification of customers – a module for creating rules in which customers are notified via SMS / e-mail when changing the status of shipments
  • Inquiries – various inquiries regarding shipments, delivery and others


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