Logistics Courier Mobile application – Android based application

The application for the work of couriers. Offers all the necessary functionalities to cover the workflow

01. Acceptance of shipments for delivery

  • All prepared shipments for the courier can be seen in advance
  • Acceptance of shipments prepared shipments – possibility to send an SMS to the recipient after receipt by courier
  • Acceptance for unprepared shipments for delivery
  • Accepting shipments from another courier

02. Delivery of shipments

  • Delivery of shipments – single or group
  • Print a protocol for group delivery
  • Get a recipient’s signature on the screen
  • Printing of a new bill of lading for return receipt services or return documents
  • Printing of a cash receipt at KU in cash Printing of a receipt for PPP
  • Possibility to mark a payment with a POS terminal

03. Acceptance of applications

  • Visit requests screen
  • Possibility to create a bill of lading on request
  • Possibility to create a bill of lading without a request
  • Picking up pre-prepared bills of lading
  • Print a protocol for received shipments

04. Others

  • Screen for transferring shipments between different offices
  • Screen for information on amounts due when reporting
  • Built-in Google navigation
  • Settings – for peripherals


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